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(Updoot: I added a cheatbuild.rar you can extract and use instead that has infinite health so you can see the game through without dying if you want.)

A bit late to the jam (because I forgot about it oops) but I really wanted to make something for the last WizJam anyway. So I slapped this together in like 2.5 days using some existing tools I made previously.

A bit rough around the edges but I think it has some fun moments.

Make sure to read the controls because it's very convoluted.
It's even more jank than OG Trespasser, if you can believe that.

Not super podcast inspired but I wanted to make a game with the vibes from when Nick streamed Jurassic Park Trespasser, basically had this goofy physics player controller already so it seemed right.
Stumbled on the name Trespunker before even starting the game when trying to title my project, just went with it and now its cyberpunk themed or something. Tres-punk-er.

It's worth explorin' around a bit because there are 3 somewhat hidden special weapons to find.

Controls of Note:
R: pickup/drop items
Hold E: move hand laterally
Hold F: move hand in/out
Hold Q: Rotate hand
LMB: Shoot
RMB: Interact with purple icon stuff

Its not recommended to use the left hand but you can by holding ALT
Use both hands by holding CTRL

Look down for heart bar

Dino model/animations and combat music are by my friend, Richa

Didn't have time to change some stuff, like player model or UI textures. So Unity-Chan is the new Anne   :^)

Also some strange surprises in there that break theme and nothing really makes sense but eh, its a game jammmm

Install instructions

Extract RAR.

Play game.


Trespunker.rar 136 MB


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This looks and sounds great, and it definitely captures the jank of Trespasser!